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Keep Calm and Busy with Crocheting

Over the years, my crocheting has kept me company and sometimes kept me calm. I’ve heard from others who knit or crochet that there are many benefits derived from handiwork in addition to the end result. And I’ve observed that wherever I go with my crocheting, I’m noticed. Whether sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, an airport or on a park bench, some glance from afar while others approach me. Some people comment about the colors, some about the pattern, and some are just curious about what I’m making which is a perfect opportunity to hand out a JSBP brochure and plug the project! Sometimes strangers proudly show me pictures they have on their phone of blankets they’ve made and I’ve seen some beautiful creations!


I do get an occasional “I wish I knew how” comment. I reply to those people that if they don’t know anyone who can teach them, local yarn shops typically have classes if you buy yarn from their store. Also, YouTube is a great way to learn. There ‘re so many different YouTube videos for beginning crocheting and knitting with fabulous detailed visuals… and the very best part is that you can keep hitting replay till you get it right!