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Thanks to All of Our Supporters!

Last Thursday, after work, I picked up my niece Sophie (she’s #7 in birth order of 8 of my mom’s grandchildren) and we delivered 25 beautiful baby blankets to the NICU.  We made a new discovery, that there’s a hospital entrance on the side of Saint Peter’s University Hospital VERY close to the NICU.  Carrying the bags was a cinch compared to the past when we traipsed through the entire hospital from the other entrance. The nurse in the unit greeted us warmly and smiled big when she glimpsed soft, colorful blankets in bags filled to the brim. The nurse said there are 47 babies in the unit now. Hoping and praying they all get well soon so they can go home with their parents!

photo 2

Included in this special array of blankets is a lilac colored blanket ( it’s visible in one of the pictures) that was delivered to my office yesterday morning by my cousin Flora Buchbinder, a first cousin of my mom. Flora has been talking up the project so much…if we had a PR division, she’d be president!…that a woman who she told the project about at the Douglass Alumnae office made this for us. Thanks to Marie Kish for the lovely lilac blanket and to Flora for the TWO blankets she made in this group.

photo 1

A few people have mentioned how wonderful it is that I’ve kept the project going since 2009. It’s easy when I feel the support, enthusiasm and generosity of people who see the value in what we are doing. Thank you to all the wonderful knitters, crocheters, label-sew-ers, shleppers, and all who applaud what we are doing, you make it easy to keep on keepin on!